Gracyn :: 11 Months Old

Another month down. Eleven months old. One month closer to this sweet girl's FIRST birthday! I ordered the invitations and party planning is in full swing via Pinterest. Even though I'm excited for G's birthday, I kind of want to pause time and keep her just how she is now. I'm loving this babbling, walking running, giggling eleven month old...

New this month:

Dancing. G likes to get down with her bad self. She will dance with her toys or when a commercial plays a tune. She'll stop what she's doing and start twisting back and forth to the beat. If you ask her to dance, she will gladly show of her skills as well.

She's obsessed with carrying her shoes around the house. Really, she'll carry anything and usually has something in her hands as she tears through each room. She'll also bring you things or "show" you what she has. I can ask her to go get something (stuffed puppy, toy cell phone) and she'll take off to find it, babbling to herself along the way.

She's started giving hugs and the sweetest, best open-mouth kisses you've ever seen. Slobber and all. They're truly the best.
i mean, seriously.
We are so pumped for Christmas this week. Gracyn has already tried to open presents under the tree and she's infatuated by the ornaments. She'll walk over to the tree and stare, shaking her head since we've told her 19292384 times "no-no" when she grabs for one.

Gracyn, you never cease to amaze us. Your daddy and I love you so much. Month eleven, you might be my favorite yet. 

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