Merry & Bright.

Baby's First Christmas. So much fun.

This little lady made quite the haul. Everyone went crazy and got each other too many presents but it was so much fun to watch Gracyn open and peek into her gifts. We have spent the days since playing and playing and playing some more with all of her new toys.

As my mom would say, we are now experiencing the post-Christmas letdown. Our family has all gone back home and we are enjoying our last day of Christmas Vacation snuggled inside. Of course it went all too fast but it was a wonderful few days having my parents and little brother in town.

As tradition would have it, we had a spaghetti dinner Christmas Eve followed by a few rounds of opening gifts. Santa came after Gracyn went to bed - she was definitely on the nice list this year. Lots of goodies. I did not get a family picture - I have a serious issue of forgetting to take a family photo and/or photos of anyone besides Gracyn apparently. 2014 resolution, I guess.

We are back to reality tomorrow - work and daycare - but this Christmas was definitely one for the books (or blog...).

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