Christmas Jams | 2016

We're back after a lonnnnnng weekend/first part of the week in Tulsa for Justin's sister's wedding. We had fun but holy moly are we exhausted! Nothing like sleeping 4 people deep in a bed for 4 nights straight. Do anyone else's kids sleep horribly while on vacation or out of town?! It was brutal.

BUT. The wedding was fun and the girls just love playing with their cuzzies so it was all worth it. Now, it's time for 10 days straight of Christmas pajamas, a certain gal's SECOND birthday, baked goods, gingerbread houses, the last of Christmas shopping and probably more baked goods as we gear up for the holiday! Woo hoo!

The girls were pretty grumpy today and at one point, Leighton was scaling the refrigerator but I managed to finally load these pictures that I took last week. See? They can be super sweet every once in awhile... ;)

By the end of breakfast, Leighton was doing somersaults off the ottoman and acting a fool. 

Speaking of our wild child, she turns TWO on Saturday. My heart can't handle it. She's a nut job half the time but we love her so, so much. Our lives would be completely and utterly dull without her. Ha! The weather is supposed to be brutally cold so we have plans to lounge in our jammies, hit up an open play at a local gymnastics place and eat cake. Can't wait to celebrate our girl!

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  1. My kids are HORRIBLE sleepers on trips's why we try and stay the least amount of days when we visit family :) Happy early birthday to Leighton!! Have fun celebrating and gearing up for Christmas too!!