Quick Five

Happy Friday!


We've had a full week of elf on the shelf. The kids love finding him every morning and we've remembered to move him every day so that's a win for everyone involved!


We had our first official snowfall of the season earlier this week. It was barely a dusting but we could still see it and G was determined to play in it! It was cold so we only lasted a minute or two outside. Leighton is still terrified of the snow - who is this child?! Ever since we tried sledding up in South Dakota the poor girl has been scared of snow. It's so funny and weird. Hoping she outgrows it quickly!


Gracyn had her second-ever haircut on Wednesday. She talked a big game but started crying the chair, for whatever reason. My kids are apparently just big scaredy cats...

She needed a trim though, it was quickly getting out of control. I'm glad to report it was over in a matter of minutes and she fully recovered.


This girl will be TWO next week! What in the what!?!? Not possible, I tell you. We don't have any major plans for a birthday party or anything like that. Just some family time, presents and cake & ice-cream. We might take them to an indoor play area around here or bowling. Some sort of activity to burn off some energy. She's a wild one, that's for sure.


Preschool Christmas programs might be my new favorite thing. I mean, holy cute! Gracyn needed to get dressed HOURS before we were ready to leave. She was so stinking excited to wear her "pretty skirt and pretty shoes and pretty necklace!" 

She liked the white sweater (I think she kinda looked like a grandma...) but opted for the pink sweater for the actual performance. Decisions, decisions.

I'm pretty sure we've created a monster. Look at her in the mirror! She said things like, "I look SO SO pretty in this!" and got mad when Leighton blocked her view. 

"Leighton, please move! I cannot see my style!!"

Oh, boy...

She did so well during her program, too! We could see her getting a little upset when she couldn't see us in the audience so Justin ran up to the front quick to wave. She saw him, he showed her where we were sitting and she was all set. She waved the ENTIRE time and it was adorable. She was so proud!

We're off to Tulsa again this weekend for Justin's sister's wedding and after that we're home for the rest of the year! I feel like we've traveled quite a bit since November so it'll be nice to relax and celebrate Christmas at home!

Happy weekend!


  1. Look at those sweet girlies! They're so precious! Love little girls' fashion, and the haircuts are always traumatic, but boy, kiddos rally quickly :) Happy Friday!

  2. I see Red is rather high up in these photos ...good plan! Love, love, love our style girl and her posing... fun and beautiful! I can't wait to hear all about her singing!

  3. If you makes you feel better Jack used to be horrible getting his haircut...we would avoid it for months because it was such an undertaking of me holding him while he screamed bloody murder. Gracyn's outfit is darling!! So cute and so funny that she told L to move so she could see herself in the mirror! haha! Have a fun weekend in Tulsa!!

  4. okay yes BUT the cutest little grandma ever! she's adorable.