These are a few of my favorite things... {stocking stuffers}

Joining in on the link-up again today to discuss stocking stuffers for my cute little elves!

Does a newborn need a stocking? Probably not. Is the newborn getting a stocking? Most definitely. At first I had a hard time thinking of things to fill up their little stockings - things that would actually be used and played with as opposed to cheap trinkets that would end up being a waste of money. I think this is a good start!

{for the big girl}

  1. I originally saw this purple sock monkey at Target - there was a matching pink one too - and I thought it would be fun to give one to each of the girls. I can't find them on the Target website so I'm not sure if it was just an in-store fluke or what. Amazon to the rescue.
  2. We've watched Frozen twice now and if we're not careful I think Gracyn will become obsessed just like every other tiny human on the planet. I think she'd dig this Little People Princess Set.
  3. Every time I wear a necklace, Gracyn likes to play with it and asks to wear it. She is seriously giddy once I put it around her neck and exclaim how pretty she looks. She has her own necklace and bracelet set that came from Carters and she loves it. I've been looking for plastic dress-up jewelry that she can play with on a daily basis. I thought this would be easy but I have yet to find exactly what I'm looking for. This necklace and bracelet pair is a start but I'm keeping my eye open in case I come across something better.
  4. I can't believe we don't own a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head yet. I don't even know if this will fit in a stocking but I think Santa needs to bring one to our casa this Christmas regardless.
{for the newborn}
  1. A coordinating sock monkey to match big sister? Obviously.
  2. This elephant teether is adorable. We already have Sophie but I'm thinking the babe would get a kick out of this too someday.
  3. I am so excited to take baby girl's monthly photos. I was even more excited to order her stickers from Lucy Darling. I used Lucy Darling for G's stickers, too. I chose The Little Artist collection and I'm in love.
  4. You know those crazy loop giveaways on Instagram? Where you have to "like" each picture and follow 43 shops at a time to be entered? Well, I'm kind of obsessed with entering and have found some great little shops along the way. Better yet, I actually WON a giveaway prize from Bannor Toys! I scooped up this handmade baby rattle in the shape of the state of Kansas. It will even have her name engraved on it. I can't wait to get it in the mail and see it in person.


  1. hahha i love this list! we're expecting our first baby next march and i keep finding myself buying stuff for her instead of myself sooo this stocking is totally up my ally! love those month stickers. xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a $150 MINTED giveaway on cornflake dreams

  2. Great stocking stuffers! Christmas will be fun for all at your house this year!