Bumpdate :: 33 Weeks

We missed a few weeks but here we are - 33 weeks along. It definitely feels like I have a pineapple all up in my business. What I presume is her tushy is up in my ribcage making it difficult to breath 99% of the time. Heels and fists make runs across my stomach all day long and sometimes it even takes me by surprise. It doesn't "hurt" but it's def uncomfortable at times as my muscles stretch. If I move a certain way, I can feel some twinges and little spasms here and there too. Fun times, for sure.

Also, never mind my appearance. We spent the day deep cleaning Casa de Oakley and I'm pretty sure I haven't showered since last Thursday...

She's the best.


  1. Muah! Almost here and I can't wait.

  2. You two - oops, three - crack me up! Such precious smiles!