Five on Friday

Is it me or was this just the longest week everrrrr?

{ONE :: Brrrr.}

It was 70 degrees on Monday. It was 35 degrees on Tuesday. It's supposed to snow this weekend. Not cool, Kansas. Not cool. I don't mind winter, I really don't, but I'd prefer if it would change over gradually instead of a polar vortex moving in and shocking our systems all at once.

{TWO :: Turkey Day}

We have no plans to travel for Thanksgiving this year. With baby girl scheduled to arrive 3 weeks after the fact, we just didn't feel like packing up and traveling. I'm actually kind of excited to stay home and possibly cook up a Thanksgiving feast for my little family. And by "cook" I mean watch help Justin as he does most of the heavy lifting while I watch the Thanksgiving Day parade and taste-test everything.

I might attempt to make a pie or something but I'm not known to be the best cook so it's best if I just hang back and do this...

{THREE :: Christmas Shopping}

I have big plans to really start my Christmas shopping this weekend. Justin and I are keeping it very low key this year when it comes to exchanging gifts with each other - just a few small items from our wish lists. Gracyn is getting a "big sister" gift the week before when baby girl arrives, so we aren't going crazy with her gifts either.

And what does a newborn really need for Christmas, anyway? Don't tell her, but she's kinda getting gypped for her first Christmas. She'll have a few gifts, don't worry, but at one-week old I don't think she'll notice.

{FOUR :: Name Game}

Speaking of baby girl - she finally has a name! Well, a first name. But a name nonetheless! We're still throwing around middle name ideas but it's so fun to actually call her by name. Every time we ask Gracyn what her sister's name is, she just says "Noooo. Baby nigh-nigh" which either means she doesn't like her sister's name or she doesn't like her sister. Time will tell how that one pans out...

{FIVE :: Hanna Andersson}

I had the privilege of going to a party for the new Hanna Andersson store that's opening up here in town with some of the other Kansas City Moms Blog ladies. I have to be honest, I wasn't really familiar with the Hanna Andersson brand but after spending way to many minutes hours browsing their website and seeing the majorly cute clothes in person, I'm a fan.

Their pajamas are adorable so of course the girls got a few matching pairs. They even make pjs for adults. Do you think I could convince Justin to get matching Christmas pajama sets for the entire family? I'm thinking it needs to happen...

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Cute five! visiting from the link up!

  2. how fun are their little Pj's? Their store is a new find for me too!
    Stopping by from the link up. Happy Friday!