Leighton's Birth Story

Every well-planned scheduled c-section deserves a birth story, right?! Right!

We are {almost} two weeks into life with our sweet Leighton Lynn and before it gets any crazier, I wanted to type up her birth story before I forget the important details.

Apparently, my babies do not like to come out on their own. We must force them to evacuate my womb. I was induced with Gracyn at 40 weeks 4 days, labored all day and ended up having a c-section. This time around, my doctor gave us the option to go for a VBAC or go ahead and have a repeat c-section which we could schedule weeks in advance therefore knowing and anticipating the little lady's birthdate! While labor and childbirth sounds like a party, I opted to go ahead and book the operating room ahead of time. I recovered really well from Gracyn's c-section - no complications and very little pain. I anticipated recovery to be a little harder this time around with a toddler at home but figured it was still manageable and the best decision for me.

My due date was December 18th and our c-section was set for December 17th. Like Gracyn's pregnancy, I never felt any type of Braxton Hicks contractions or anything like that leading up to our scheduled day. Had I gone into labor on my own, my doctor would have proceeded with the c-section at that time but have no fear, the morning of the 17th came and we found ourselves checking into the hospital as planned.

My parents had come down to stay with Gracyn while we were in the hospital. It was my first time ever being away from her overnight. I was more worried about her at home than the whole having surgery thing but she loves her Grandma and Papa so I knew she was in good hands. Justin and I got to the hospital around 5:30 that morning. We did paperwork, got my IV started and waited to get this show on the road.

almost baby time.
The anesthesiologist came in around 7AM to go over the spinal block and my doctor stopped by 10 minutes later stating we were ready to rock and roll. I was wheeled back while Justin put on his fancy scrubs and waited until they came back to get him.

Meanwhile, I was drugged up and situated on the operating table. The spinal block, which I guess is a little different than a regular epidural worked so. fast. They shot me up and then immediately had me swing my legs onto the bed and lay down. By the time I was laying flat, I could already feel my legs going numb. So crazy.

I had the nicest CRNA by my side the whole time. She went over step by step what the doctors were doing (catheter, getting supplies ready, pinch test, first cut, etc.) and kept me so calm. She brought Justin in and had him sit by my head behind the curtain. When it was getting close to delivery, she told Justin to stand up and look - "It's not that bloody, I promise" - so he could get pictures. By the end I knew where she grew up and where she went to school. I wish I could remember her name so I could send her a present for being so nice to me. Seriously.

Anyway, back to the delivery.

I was numb, Justin was camera-ready and baby girl was ready to be birthed the good ol' surgical way. At 7:53 AM on December 17th, 2014, Leighton Lynn Oakley arrived weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces and measuring 20 inches long.

The doctors lowered the curtain for me this time so I could see her right away, something they didn't do with Gracyn. It was so cool to see her for the first time like that. Justin went to the front of the room to be with her while she got cleaned up. I could hear her cries and immediately started crying myself.

Everything went smoothly and according to plan. It was so fast and effortless, really. My doc put me back together while Justin went with Leighton back to our room to finish getting checked out. She was considered "large for gestational age" which just ended up meaning they needed to test her blood sugar before each feeding for the first 24 hours to make sure she was maintaining it like she needed to. Other than that, she was {and is} perfect.

Once I was back to the recovery room, we had some skin-to-skin time. I never got that with G so I was determined to make it happen this time. Leighton nursed for the first time shortly after that and hasn't stopped since.

Later that day, my parents brought Gracyn by to meet her little sister. I thought for sure she'd freak out once she saw me in the hospital bed but she did such an awesome job. No tears, no jealousy, nothing. She immediately wanted to hold Leighton and sit with me in bed. I died when I saw the two of them together - such a sweet moment.  I'm sure the novelty will wear off at some point but we haven't had any issues with G so far. She's in love with her sister.

Leighton was born on what would have been my Grandma Jane's 93rd birthday. My grandma was a very special lady and we miss her dearly so it's comforting to know that Leighton will share her day with Great-Grandma Jane.

Leighton's name is pretty special to us, too. I lived on Leighton Avenue in college in a house with two of my very best friends. I formed lifelong friendships and have so many great memories from the 3 years we lived there that I never want to forget. It's also where Justin and I started dating "for real" after he came to visit me one weekend during my senior year of college. I've loved the name Leighton for a long time and I'm so glad we were able to give it to our little girl.

Her middle name, Lynn, is after Justin's grandma Lindy. She unfortunately passed away before I had the chance to meet her but based on stories I've heard, she was a strong woman and the matriarch of the family, much like my Grandma Jane was to our side. I have no doubt both Great-Grandmas were with us that day as we welcomed sweet Leighton into our family.

We busted out of the hospital a day early to head home and begin life as a family of four. Justin's been off work and home with us as we adjust to a new schedule. I'm feeling great and recovering from surgery nicely. Leighton is growing, eating and is more alert every day. We love her so much and couldn't imagine life without her!


  1. She is so precious! I am days away (hopefully!!) from meeting our second baby so of course this has me an emotional wreck! :)

  2. Beautiful story for a beautiful babe! You're a good mama, Mackenzie. Love!

  3. Beautiful baby girl!! My daughter was born November 18th and I too had a c section. Glad mama and baby are doing well! They grow up so fast don't they?!?!?