Okoboji Baby

Ah, the lake. We hightailed it out of town as fast as we could on Wednesday night and spent last weekend at Lake Okoboji in northern Iowa. Possibly the greatest place on earth.

Lucky for us Gracyn is good traveler and slept pretty much the whole 6+ hour drive. Unlucky for us, she wanted to party until the break of dawn when we rolled into town at 1:30 am. She finally went down and we were ready for vacation to start Thursday morn. We met my cousin and her hubby up there and and Saturday our parents all came in to spend some quality time with us the baby.

Except that it was cold. And cloudy. So we just ate and drank and sat around, which is still pretty perfect.
I love the lake.
The sun came out for approximately 47 minutes on Friday morning..so we took full advantage.
Lovin' life.
Saturday was glorious and sunny and warm and we got to take baby girl on her very first boat ride complete with an enormous life jacket which she tolerated fairly well...

I'm on a boat.
On a boat with my dad. 
On a boat with my ma. 
Baby fell asleep during the ride. So did my dad...
We HAD to make a stop at the Barefoot Bar for a refreshing cocktail and some appetizers. It's an actual bar but it's an outdoor bar so that makes it appropriate for kids...

You have a baby....in a bar.
G wasn't impressed but she humored her parental units and was a good sport about the whole adventure.

On the way back, we jumped in the lake (it was fuh-reeeeezing) and went tubing which was something I hadn't done since I was a kid. I forgot how much fun it was but I'm paying for it. My arms and back are sooo sore.

On Sunday, we stopped at Arnold's Park to ride the roller coaster, grabbed a hot dog at Bob's and ate lunch at the Taco House before we headed home. Pretty solid mini-vacation if you ask me. I almost needed a day to recover from vacation - work on Monday was brutal.

Many thanks to my aunt and uncle for letting us invade the trailer for the weekend! We had a blast.

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