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Down Syndrome Awareness {Week 1}

I blink and the month is a third of the way over! I really don't know where my days go while I'm stuck in the trenches trying to keep three little people alive. It's all a blur, really. I need to start thinking about getting the girls' Halloween costumes put together because it'll be here quick. I am proud that I've started Christmas shopping, though! Small wins!

But before Christmas gets here, I want to recap week one of October and Down Syndrome Awareness Month (even though we're half way through week 2!). I've been sharing on Facebook and Instagram but I've also been learning sooooo much from other families in the Ds community who are sharing their own pieces of information! Lots to learn and lots to share!

First things first, what is Down syndrome?

Baker :: Two Months Old

Another month down! This one wasn't as jammed packed full of doctor visits as month one but we still had our fair share of doctor offices. I've heard through the Down syndrome slash special needs grapevine that appointments will taper off eventually but for now I'm still grateful we have lots of watchful eyes on our guy.

At two months old, Baker weighs in at 9 lbs 8 oz - that's a whole four pounds over birth weight! Sayyyyy, what?! Oink, oink baby.

Father + Son {and a Giveaway!}

When I was pregnant with Baker and we told people we were having a boy, I had several mom friends tell me to prepare for a love and a bond unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. I thought it was a tad weird seeing as how we already had the two girls - I was on my third baby and knew without a doubt that I had more than enough love to go around.

I mean, how different could it be?!

Enter Baker Dee. From day one, this boy had me wrapped around his tiny little finger. I can describe the three facial expressions I see from him at the start each nursing session and I can tell you the exact moment he looked at me - like, really looked into my soul - for the first time as I promised I'd be his advocate and protector. The mother/son relationship is the real deal, ya'll. I, of course, love each of my children with every fiber in my body so it's hard to describe the differences between mothering the girls and becoming a mom to this sweet little babe but they're there. Maybe it's because he is my first son and maybe it's amplified by the fact that he has special needs, I'm not sure, but one thing is certain - I freaking love this boy.

I also love watching Justin interact with Baker. Justin was made to be a father to his little girls. He is so good with them and they sure do love their daddy but watching him with Baker, his son, has been so special.

JORD Hyde Ebony and Iron wooden watch

October | Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Where did September go!? I mean, really. It's October 1st which means maternity leave is over (excuse me while I cry...), Baker is almost two months old (excuse me while I cry some more...) and the unofficial start of the holiday season is upon us (excuse me while I start my online holiday shopping to cope with my emotions...).

Tears aside, the whirlwind that has been our life these last few months quickly led us to October which also happens to be Down Syndrome Awareness Month. We're the new kids on the block when it comes to raising a child with special needs so I'm super excited to have the opportunity to learn more about Down syndrome as well as have the chance to educate others on what life with Down syndrome looks like. 

Spoiler alert: it looks a lot like your life. 


I turned 32 years old on Monday. I love my birthday and don't fret too much about turning another year older. Not yet, anyways! 32 seems older (like, basically mid-thirties!) but I'd say I still don't feel a day over 30... ;) That's good, I suppose - you're only as old as you feel, right?!

Justin had to work but my parents and my brother were still in town from the weekend and we ended up having the best little day with the kiddos!