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Vacation :: Gulf Shores, AL

Resurrecting the blog to post a billion vacation photos. I want them to live forever - we had a great time on our first official family vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama at the end of May.

We were gone 8 days, spent over 40 hours in the car and drove over 2,000 miles before it was all said and done. Sounds amazing with three small children, doesn't it?! The kids did surprisingly well and handled the long travel days like rockstars.

We had perfect weather, ate delicious food, enjoyed cocktails on the beach and soaked it all in. Our Airbnb condo was the perfect amount of space for us and we've already talked about going back for another visit.

The beach was so clean and the sand was so soft; the girls swam in the ocean and Baker would have joined them if we let him dive head first into the water. Not too shabby, if you ask me!

Leighton :: Four Years Old

I'm so far behind in getting this post up! Better late than never though, right?! I owe all the kids updates for the blog so we'll start here with our LL Girl.

Happy {belated!!!} 4th birthday to our Leighton Lynn! It's crazy to me that she's already four years old. Why is everyone getting so old and big?! Ugh, it's not fair! I want my tiny babies back!

It's no secret around here that Leighton has a big and strong personality, a characteristic that continues to develop as she grows up. She's determined and as stubborn as they come. She'll pick out her outfit in the morning (a blue dress with blue pants or alternating heart patterns are some of my favorite ensembles...), insist on dressing herself and declare everything matches even if it doesn't. She barely lets me brush her hair and is in constant need of a trim thanks to a wonky cowlick in the back that grows faster than the rest of the hairs on her head.

She may be loud and aggressive but she's also sensitive and kind. She gets upset if she thinks people are laughing at her as opposed to with her or if you call her "silly" when she wasn't trying to be silly. She stops running through the room to give Baker a hug and a kiss and gently touch his cheek and tell him he's cute. If Gracyn's upset, Leighton will follow her upstairs to check on her and declare, "I'm only here to HELP you!" She loves to wrestle with Dad and play house with her baby dolls. And every once in a while, she'll come up to give me a random hug and tell me she loves me.

I love you too, sweet girl.

Leighton's favorite things include chocolate milk, dessert, annoying shows on Netflix (I'm looking at you, Bo on the Go and Mother Goose Club..), playing Barbies and running off to play with friends. She eats more yogurt and string cheese than anyone I know and at four years old,  she still does not sleep through the night. It's fine....

No matter how many times we tell her she's free to use the restroom at her own free will, she's up at least once a night to yell about needing to go potty or to ask important questions like if she can take swimming lessons (maybe) or go to a movie theater (sure, but GTFTS first....). We've tried bribes and threatened her privileges but nothing really seems to stick. Gracyn has been sleeping in the room with her which helps a teeny tiny bit but she's still up at night more often than not. My body has adjusted to being up all night between all of the children but I wouldn't mind just a little more sleep mmk, kids?!

Happy birthday, sweet girl. Our house is loud and full of laughter because of you. You may make my nights shorter but my days are so much brighter. For that, I love you.

I think I missed doing this last year, but here's her interview! I've tried to ask the girls the same questions each year and record their answers. So fun to see how they change over the years!

Fall 2018

Nothing like a novel of a blogpost to recap an entire season of life. 2019 resolution - get back to blogging. Although, I think I say that every time I type up a new post, but it's good to have goals I guess. Our fall has been busy with regular life stuff, nothing too out of the ordinary for us and I'm definitely thankful for that!


This month started with my Mom's Retreat to Phoenix. It was a quick trip but wonderful nonetheless. Next year's retreat is in Nashville and I'm already planning and scheming to get myself there - for the entire thing this time! :)

Gracyn lost her first tooth and refused to let the Tooth Fairy come visit. She held onto that tooth for about 3 weeks until her 2nd tooth fell out. Only then was the Tooth Fairy allowed to come collect the goods - but only if she did NOT come into the house. Gracyn put her teeth in ring box on the front porch and wrote her a note. She closed the blinds and locked the door and went out to check things out the next morning. It was such a weird thing but also hilarious. She got her money and then decided to be the Tooth Fairy for Halloween. That girl cracks me up.

Other September things - college football watch parties, Baker started full-on playing with the girls (Leighton might be his favorite person ever...), trips to Target and my 33rd birthday!


We did Fall things like visit pumpkin patches and plant mums. The weather was perfect so we spent a lot of time on the weekends outside playing with friends. Family and friends came to town to help us celebrate Baker and his Chromies at the Step Up Walk. We geared up for Halloween - the Tooth Fairy (of course), a "yellow Princess" and a baby cow. It was a cool night but we managed to go Trick-or-Treating and get a bunch of candy.


Annual family photos (still swooning over them...), flu shots for everyone and we headed to Tulsa for Thanksgiving. Tulsa has an amazing new park called Gathering Place and we spent a few hours exploring one day. If you're in the area, check it out for sure!

Our favorite elf came back right after Thanksgiving and although we technically had the tree up before Turkey Day, we finished decorating the last week of November. It's the best time of the year - bring on all of holiday festivities!