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Baker :: Seven Months Old

The blog lives! For monthly updates, at least. I wish I had the time and energy to visit this space a little more regularly but my brain is literal mush by the end of the day and I have nothing profound left to say. I do love that I make it a point to keep up with these monthly snapshots, though, especially for each kiddo's first year.

Our Baker Man is S E V E N months old!

Leighton Says

I cannot believe I haven't done a "Leighton Says" post yet! My Gracyn Says posts are some of my favorites because I love going back and reading the funny stuff she says. It's about time Lei-Lei got her own post - girlfriend does not disappoint now that she's talking so well!

As I followed her up the street to the neighbor's house, in a very annoyed voice...
Leighton: Mom, go way. Go home, mom.

After Justin asked her to stop doing something...
Leighton: it's ok, dad. dad, it's ok!

Driving Gracyn to school one day...
Leighton: oh my gosh it's so soggy out!

Through tears while potty training...
Leighton: ...but I don't wanna wear big girl undies forever!

After I asked Gracyn to talk to Leighton about said potty training...
Gracyn: Leighton, I just wanna talk to you about the potty...
Leighton: no, sissy! I don't wanna talk bout that right now.

After I asked her when she was going to start pooping in the potty...
Leighton: um, maybe on Friday?

Playing by herself...
Leighton: oh bless her little heart.

Randomly as I was getting ready one day...
Leighton: mom, is that a bad word?
Mackenzie: is what a bad word?
Leighton: psycho.

Trying to get my attention:
Leighton: MOTHER!

Stalling bedtime, yet again...
Leighton: but I have to brush my teeth! I'm going to the dentist and her will be mad at me!

Pointing (and speaking very loudly!) to a stranger at the store...
Leighton: mom, what's her name?!
Mackenzie: oh, I'm not sure!
Leighton: hm.. maybe Cinderella.

Yes, maybe. ;)

Five on Friday

Heyyyyy Friday! I'm so glad to see you.


We survived the first week of daycare for all three kiddos. Baker joined the girls on Tuesday and Thursday this week while I worked in the office. I got up for the day at 5 am because Baker woke up to eat and somehow that still wasn't enough time to get out the door by 7:30 - ha! Getting out the door with three kids also requires 47 bags of crap (backpacks, lunch bag, diaper bag, breast pump..). There was minimal whining and only one kid had their shoes on the wrong feet. I call that winning, folks.

Baker did so well - he ate his bottles and managed to get in a few naps. Poor guy was sooooo tired on Wednesday, though. He barely made it through therapy and went to bed early. I let myself be all sad and weepy during the drive into work but once I got there, the days actually passed pretty quickly. I was glad to get home to my babies for sure!


Um.... did you see the new Gerber Baby of the Year?!?!

How amazing is this?! Out of tens of thousands of entries, this little homie walks away with the grand prize. Yay, Lucas! There are so many wonderful things about this but the most important thing is how this will affect families dealing with a new diagnosis. They'll be able to see this beautiful baby being included and celebrated and it will hopefully help calm some of the fears or concerns they're dealing with.

One mama I follow on social media likened this to being one step closer to families giving their doctor a high-five upon learning their kiddo will be born with Down syndrome rather than being overcome with anxiety and uncertainty (like I was last year!). Knowing what I know now, a high-five definitely seems like a better reaction!

This little cutie on the Today show the other morning and at the end, Savannah Guthrie said, "...the Gerber baby represents the ideal baby and Lucas, you are the ideal baby!" Amen to that.


When I'm not crying in my minivan because I just left my kids at daycare or swooning over brands that practice inclusion, I'm on the hunt for some new clothes. I'll have to pretend to be a real human two days a week and my wardrobe seriously screams "stay/work-at-home-mom." Gracyn came down the stairs on Tuesday morning and asked, "Mom. What are you wearing?!"

Jeans. These are called jeans, child.

As you can imagine, leggings and sweats have been my life these last three years so I'm in need of a little closet refresh. I'm definitely on the hunt for a new pair of gray or taupe booties. I've tried on a few pairs but haven't bit the bullet quite yet. I'm on a very strict (basically nonexistent) budget because daycare is taking up an obnoxious chunk of change, but I'm hoping I can find a good deal. Some of my favorites so far...


I took the day off today to relax a bit and take B to an appointment later this afternoon. We're getting a consult regarding the shape of his poor head. It's a tad flat in the back on his right side so a helmet may be in his future. We should know more after today.


Helmet or not, he'll be the cutest little valentine ever!

Happy weekend!

Baker :: Six Months Old

S I X  M O N T H S  O L D.

Half a year. Someone hold me, please. I say this every month but I'm not quite sure how we got here so quickly. He was just born, right?! Time is a thief, I tell you.

We had a relatively low key month around here which was kind of nice. You know, no major heart surgeries to contend with or anything like that! January felt like the longest month in history but I'll blame that on the cold dreary weather. Winter is such a drag after the holidays! We live for the semi-warm days when we can get out of the house to get some fresh air for a few minutes. I like to take the kids on walks whenever I can and we were luckily able to sneak a few in this month.

Gracyn :: Five Years Old

You guys. I can't deal. MY BABY IS FIVE. I've successfully kept someone alive and well for five whole years. I still don't know what I'm doing half the time but this is something to celebrate! A whole hand. Almost in kindergarten.

She stated the other night that once she's five, she's going to start doing "five year old things" like taking showers and putting herself to bed. Like I said, I CAN'T EVEN.

Wanna know what else I can't even handle? Gracyn's totally amazing sense of style...