I had every intention of blogging last week but come Friday I was questioning my very being as a mother and was just happy that both kids were still alive and I hadn't cried ugly tears yet that day. 

This isn't breaking news or anything but Leighton and I have been riding the struggle bus as of late. She's testing every fiber of patience in my body on the daily and I'm not always handling the situation with grace. I've really been trying hard to give her extra time and trying to understand the 2-year-old mentality but some most days I'm at a loss. This mom-thing is hard and ain't always pretty....

The worst moment came to fruition last Sunday night into Monday morning. After protesting nap and both of us losing our shit that afternoon, she had gone to bed around 8:30 Sunday night only to wake up around 11:45 PM calling out for me. I let her be for a bit and then finally went into check on her and girlfriend did not end up going back to sleep until 5:00 IN THE MORNING. Which means this mama didn't get to sleep until 5:00 IN THE MORNING.

She was either screaming or whining or fidgeting in her bed; nothing could calm her down or get her back to sleep. I took her temp (it was normal), I offered food and drink, I sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider" for the 489324th time against my will trying anything to appease her. I finally laid down next to her thinking she'd fall asleep and she proceeded to legit play with her babies in bed. At like, 3:30 AM! What. The. Efffffffff.  

Maybe it wouldn't have been sooooo bad if I wasn't a million weeks pregnant and hot and cranky and exhausted (j/k, it'd still be miserable...) but it was straight-up awful. Needless to say, we didn't get the week off to a great start. My attitude improved a bit each day (note: still a million weeks pregnant and hot and exhausted...) and I tried to keep my emotions in check when it came to dealing with her. I kept the yelling to a minimum, ate an embarrassing number of ice cream sandwiches as a coping mechanism and welcomed the weekend with open arms.

We had zero real weekend plans which was nice after a less-than-stellar week. The girls helped me get Baker's room all squared away - I think it's all done for the most part so I hope to get a post up about his space soon! It's been cleaned and organized and I have one more load of his laundry to sort through before he joins us in T H R E E (!!!) weeks!

It was perfect patio-sitting weather so we went to grab a snack on Saturday afternoon before heading to my cousin's house to hang for a bit that night. 

This girl. How can she be so sour and yet so sweet!!?!? 

The cold pool didn't stop these little fish. We stopped by the pool before lunch on Sunday so the girls could swim for a bit. The water had really cooled down due to some rain and it not being 100 degrees every day last week so J and I were happy to sit on the sidelines and watch.

The rest of our Sunday was spent cleaning, running a few errands and playing outside.

Now we're back to Monday again. I hate how that happens. The girls are actually heading to Grandma and Papa's house for a few days later this week so we'll spend today packing their bags for the trip! My parents have watched them while we've gone on vacation before but this will be the first time shipping them north; I'm sure they'll have a blast and it'll give us some time to check a few things off our list of things to do before Baker is born. I also have B I G plans to watch TV, not fetch snacks and get 5 whole nights of uninterrupted sleep.

Thank the good lord above for grandparents, am I right?! ;)

Happy Monday!


  1. You are an amazing mom! I have a 1 year old and I heard the 2's really test your patience! I appreciate you sharing your stories because it gives me strength knowing that tantrums happen and motherhood is sometimes stressful.

  2. We are excited to have them come for a visit! (No guarantees on a change in Leighton's latest antics but a change in scenery may help.) Love the photos!

  3. As always, thanks for keeping it real. It helps all the rest of us who lose their shit on their littles on the daily (like me). As they say (and I hope and pray it's true) - one day we will be glad that our daughters are strong-willed, smart-mouthed and opinionated. Hope that day comes sooner than later!

  4. Amen to that- thank God for grandparents!

    And holy crap- three weeks!?!?!

    Which reminds me...I need to get started on washing some baby laundry myself over here....