Hey FriYay

Oh, Friday. I'm happy to see you like always but I could do without the excessive heat warnings and vomiting child(ren). Gracyn caught a little bug that seems to be making its way through the neighborhood kids and basically spent Thursday on the couch sleeping and not eating, only to start throwing up the little bit of water she was actually drinking. We're hoping this is short-lived but I"m fully expecting Leighton to fall victim as well. Better now than next month when we're getting ready to have a baby and all, I suppose...

On to the regularly scheduled Friday blog programming...


I think I'm done tweaking the new blog design. For now anyway. I mean, you can only change margin sizes and things like that so many times before you start going mad. And since I have approximately zero coding knowledge, I better stop before I ruin it all. I am loving the sleeker design, though!


We had another visit with Baker's cardiologist this week. Happy to report that he's continuing to grow well, albeit on the small side. He's in the 17th percentile at 4 lbs 10 oz but his doc is happy with this at this point in the game. We won't need to see the cardiologist again until delivery which, surprisingly, puts me at ease. They don't anticipate any surprises or further complications and the doc said they'd do everything they could to keep him out of the NICU. We realize he may spend some time there for observation but I'm really hoping and praying we both stay the normal 3 nights in the hospital and get to come home together.


Suddenly realizing this baby is coming in less than 5 weeks as me all twitchy. I have a growing list of things to do before he's born including things like touching up paint throughout the house and sanitizing the hardwood floors. I also just googled how to clean your washing machine because our smells like wet dog and it's grossing me out. Turns out, you're supposed to clean your washing machine like every six months or something ridiculous like that. Guess how many times I've cleaned mine in the 8+ years we've owned it? Hashtag never.


I'm a newly converted Aldi shopper and I gotta say. I love it. The cost savings alone give me a small high - I don't want to spend over $3 on a gallon of milk ever again - and this last week I had two major wins. Aldi's pre-made cranberry almond chicken salad is delicious. I haven't tried the bacon ranch but I'm sure it's delightful. And their hazelnut spread (aka Nutella) tastes basically the same as name brand. I may or may not have regressed into eating my fake Nutella by the spoonful in the pantry as Leighton screamed at me from the other room...

...which leads me to this plea. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS CHILD. Leighton is in the thick of the terrible, awful, horrible, no good twos. She's been sooooo naughty and I cannot deal most days. On Wednesday, she threw a book over the bannister - something she knows she's not supposed to do - and when I went to tell her to please stop, she threw another (hard cover) book over and it decked me right in the head. It hurt bad enough that I started crying - literally crying in pain - while I yelled slash pleaded with her to stop. She in turn started crying herself and eventually said sorry but still. I could only imagine if the book had hit Gracyn or another kid. No good.

Quick! A cute picture to remind me that she's not always miserable...

Gah, I love her but man. She's hard some days.

She's horrible at listening, time out does not work and it's a screaming match to get her to sleep at every nap time and bedtime. We've tried taking away things she likes (treats, shows, Moana YouTube videos...) but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Leighton-Badger don't care. Totally opposite than her sister at this age. I know she behaves 100 times worse when she's at home with me but I also don't want the bad behavior to eventually spill over if she happens to be at a neighbor's house playing or something like that. Like, I don't appreciate sternly telling her "no" only to have her legit yell "YES" back in my face and continue doing whatever the hell she pleases! She's TWO! Justin thinks we need the Super Nanny. I may agree with him...

HELP. Please. I beg you. This mama is out of ideas and can't drink to cope!



  1. I'm here for the terrible twos tips because I am right there in the trenches with you, mama!

  2. Summer and sick kids .. yuck! L's that strong willed child I keep trying to recall. Don't know what I did but you turned out OK. Takes a different approach but you'll find it. <3

  3. I LOVE the striped coverall and personalized baby blanket! I totally want to start monogramming alllll the things. And things are moving quickly enough, I guess I should get on that huh?

    It has been so hot. so so hot. WHyyyyyyyy

    Also, love the blog design. It looks great.

  4. LOVE your new blog design! I've been wanting to change some things up and I think some of my buttons must have been hosted in photo bucket because they aren't working and the lady that did my blog a couple years ago isn't responding to my etsy messages...

  5. This sounds like myna oldest! The book Childwise had some good tips in it that seemed to help with him...especially the crazy outbursts. Hang in there!

  6. Confession: I don't even remember what your old blog design looked like, but I love this new one!!! It's so fresh and so clean! Unlike our washing machines apparently. I've never cleaned ours either! And five weeks!! You are getting so close! Happy to hear Baker is doing well and growing like he should!