Friday Things

Holidays that fall on a Tuesday are kind of my jam. Last weekend was extra long, this week was extra short and we're back to Friday already. Amen.


First things first. I really hate when technology messes up or doesn't work the way I need it to. My blog has super annoying notification plastered at the top of my home screen telling me I need to "update your account to allow 3rd party hosting" or something like that. I had to go Google what this even meant but I think it pertains to my Photobucket account that I have set up to host images. They changed their Terms of Service and now want an obnoxious amount of money each year to host your pictures. Um, no thanks.

I literally only have 12 or so files saved to Photobucket, one of which is my little profile picture in my "About Me" section on my sidebar so I think it's this little picture causing me issues. I don't know if I fixed it but I rearranged some widgets, loaded a new picture file and deleted my Photobucket account last night. It said my account would be deleted after July 8th so we'll see if the notification thingy goes away after that.

Anyone have another solution or fix?!


After a good few years as part of the Kansas City Moms Blog team, I am stepping away as their sales coordinator and contributor and I'm soooooo sad to be leaving this group of women! Seriously, they're some of the best mamas and friends out there. It began to be too much of a commitment with mothering full time and working full time and I hadn't produced a worthy blogpost for them in months. Throw in Baker's impending arrival and any additional stressors that may follow and I felt it was time to say adios. Don't worry, though, I will still stalk their site and attend their events and pretend I'm part of the team.


I took the girls with me to Baker's weekly biophysical check this morning. Surprisingly, they were on their best behavior and the baby cooperated relatively quickly so we were in and out in no time.


Gracyn had a major fall on her bike last night and has the road rash to prove it! Her helmet is actually cracked so I'm incredibly thankful she was wearing it - she could have been hurt much worse! Her cheek is nice and bruised and she has scrapes on her hands, arms and legs. I was actually inside when it happened but Justin and a neighbor ran to her rescue. She handled it like a champ.


There were quite a few 4th of July sales happening this last weekend and I scored a few good deals for baby boy. All of my shorty and sleeveless sweatshirt dreams came true when I came across Little One Shop on Instagram and found this set. He may wear it every day until it snows. It's sold out for now but they have a gray set along with a couple of other patterns and tons of other adorable things at affordable prices.

I scored a few rompers and one-pieces from The Little Spoons and his monthly stickers from Lucy Darling. Sweet N Swag is running 20 days of giveaways on Instagram and offering special pricing on certain styles so I'm waiting to see if some of the colors I've been eyeing go on sale before I commit. He may end up with a few pairs but who ever had a problem with having too many shoes?!

Hope you all have a good weekend. We have zero plans and I kinda like it that way!


  1. Good grief, Gracyn! Good thing she had her helmet on and Dad was close by! Love the outfit .. little guy will be quite the stylin' dude. Enjoy your weekend - kisses & hugs for your girls! XXOO

  2. I just LOVE Mabel's Sweet N Swag Moxfords- seriously seriously LOVE them. So I'm totally snatching some up for the little dude too! I hope you get some! :) (also, you should maybe contact them about a collab- I bet they'd send you a pair ;))