Fourth of July Weekend

We are coming down from the high of a great weekend with family. But good news! The week is already half over and another weekend is on the horizon!

We hosted my parents, brothers, sister-in-law and our niece and nephew this weekend and I loved having a full house. We ate a bunch of food, I enviously watched them all drink a bunch of cocktails and the girls stayed up wayyyyy too late experimenting with snappers and sparklers. 

Naturally, I took a bajillion pictures and can't pick a fave so I'm going to put all of them right here in one big photo dump of a post. Sound good?!

We all donned our red, white and blue multiple days in a row - including me in a $4 Wal-Mart tank top because all of my other patriotic wardrobe pieces are definitely not maternity - and the girls were good sports and humored me when I asked for pictures so I was a happy mama!

It was hot and muggy all weekend but it didn't rain as much as I thought it would so we were still able to get outside and spend time playing games and letting the kids run around. Several neighbors had gathered in the cul-de-sac on Monday night and we ended up chatting with everyone in the driveway after lighting a few fireworks (and heeding a warning from a police officer...) until well past midnight.

Two years ago, Justin and my brothers found the ugliest t-shirts they could find to wear on July 4th and it kind of turned into a little tradition if they happen to be together on the holiday. Justin couldn't find his original shirt so we made a special trip to Wally World to find another one that could do the day justice. I think he picked a winner... ha!

The whole crew! I cropped out my cankles for you. (#yourewelcome) The humidity did me no favors this weekend and I felt so tired and puffy by the end of the day. Pregnancy in the summer is no joke!

Our street was pretty quiet on Tuesday - it was cloudy and kind of rainy all day - but we managed to celebrate one more time with a few fireworks and sparklers. The kids were in full-on meltdown mode on Wednesday after everyone left so it'll do us some good to get to bed early these next few nights and catch up on some sleep.

We're exhausted but getting together with the whole family is one of my favorite things. We won't see them again until it's time for Baker to join the family! So crazy. The rest of the summer will fly by, I'm sure of it.

4th of July | 2016
4th of July | 2015
4th of July | 2014


  1. FUN FUN FUN ... exhausting for sure but enjoyed every minute of it! Recover and plow thru that laundry pile! :) Love all the pics too! Until the next time ... love you all.

  2. I realized I was wearing the same exact blue Target tank as last 4th of July this year but it fit totalllllly different LOL. It was stretched within an inch of it's life haha.

  3. Sounds like a good weekend minus the humidity and the rain!
    Love the pictures of the girls in their red, white and blue!