Bumpdate :: 34 Weeks


Size of Baby: a butternut squash all up in my business. Over 4 pounds and 17 inches long.

Symptoms: Leg cramps like a mother, swollen fingers and ankles, clothes that don't fit - all the joyous things that come with the last weeks of pregnancy. And so much sweat. It's been so gross outside this week - hot and muggy and miserable. I actually got into the swimming pool yesterday...

And you guys. I feel like I've been soooo emotional. I started crying in the car the other day after listening to Kelly Clarkson's song about her dad leaving her as a child. I was a wreck and I don't even have daddy issues. Ha! I also bawled after reading a stranger's birth story and watching their birth video. I don't even know these people. I'm officially a crazy person.

Sleep: not the greatest but I'm sorta used to being permanently tired so whatevs.

Gender: Boy!

Name: Baker Dee Oakley

Nursery: his room is nearing completion! I need a laundry basket and to clean up a bit in there and we should be good to go. I need to get our pack 'n play out and get that cleaned up too since he'll be camping out in our room for a bit at first.

Gracyn's Thoughts: Still so, so excited for baby brother! I literally bump into the kids with my belly several times a day and when I apologize Gracyn will say, "oh it's okay, Baker!" I get several bump hugs and kisses a day and its the best.

Leighton's Thoughts: our neighbor's had their little boy last week and Leighton is obsessed, naturally. I'm super excited to see how she is once Baker is home.

My c-section is officially scheduled, I've pre-registered at the hospital and we have a tour of the NICU set up with the hospital staff so we can get an idea of what to expect should Baker need to spend some time there. It's our third delivery at this hospital but it's amazing how much you forget and with things being a bit different this time around, I'm glad they can show us around a bit prior to delivery. Shiz is about to get real, folks!

So excited to meet this sweet boy!


  1. Your girls are going to be great helpers! Really, they will. Get yourself one of those 'cool' neck things Justin has to keep you sane in the heat... may help, seriously! Almost there ... <3

  2. This week has literally been the worst in terms of how freaking hot it's been. It has turned me into an even grumpier pregnant lady and I wasn't sure that was possible. Good luck on the final stretch - I am SO excited for you guys!

  3. I keep thinking about that- how much you forget lol. The memory is a funny thing!

    I've been a heater as well- I keep turning the air down in the house. Before you know it it's going to be like that scene in father of the bride 2 haha.

  4. You are looking gorgeous, lady! Im ready for baby boy already too, this weather is too much to deal with lol