Valentine Slime

Happy Valentine's Day Eve! That sounds better than "Happy Monday" right? 

Justin and I actually got to celebrate Valentine's Day a little early thanks to our very special, amazing, wonderful friends who offered to watch our kids on Saturday night. I mean, straight-out-of-the-blue sent a text that basically said "bring your kids here and go on a date." 

Everyone should have friends like that. ;)

And we owe them. BIG TIME.

We dropped them off and headed to eat at La Bodega for some delicious tapas followed by ice cream at Glace and a movie. It was wonderful.

Back to the grind, today, though! We were itching for an activity and I remembered last year when we made real-life slime and decided we needed to make it again, Valentine style. I had plenty of liquid starch leftover from lat time (I'm not even sure what other uses there are for liquid starch so this bottle will probably last us a lifetime...) but I needed to get some more glue per this recipe

The only problem was, every place I checked was completely out of glue. Is there a glue shortage or something?! Target and Michaels were no help. I found one bottle of white glue at Walmart and scooped it up. It worked fine, but I think I prefer the clear so the slime is a little more transparent.

  • 1/2 cup Clear Liquid Glue
  • 1/2 cup Water
  • 1/2 cup Liquid Starch
  • Glitter, sprinkles, food coloring (optional)
  • Pour water into a bowl and add the glue. Mix well.
  • Add in any extras like food coloring or glitter. We used red sprinkles this time. Mix well.
  • Add in liquid starch and stir. It'll start getting slime-y right away. The more you mix it or play with it, the better it is.
I set the girls up at the table with some paper plates and let them go to town! 

Anyway, it's super easy to throw together. Leighton played with it a whole 5 minutes (it was nearing nap time) but G gets a little more use out of it. We store it in a plastic container and keep it around a few days!

We have no big plans for tomorrow, the girls will have a few goodies for Valentine's Day and my one goal for tomorrow morning is to pick up delicious cupcakes for dessert tomorrow night. After we eat tacos or something romantic like that... ;)

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  1. Slimed with love ... sensory to the max! Happy Valentine's Day! <3