oh, hey friday!


First, thank you ALL so much for the love regarding our newest little bundle! Social media is a funny thing but I'm glad it exists we we can stay in touch with friends (new and old!) and have a way for family members to keep up with the kiddos.


Justin has been out of town for work again this week so my mom graciously offered to come down and visit. She's kept the girls entertained while I work and cook meals. She even picks up toys at the end of the day. Basically a lifesaver and we'll miss her dearly! #dontleaveme


The Super Bowl is (apparently) this weekend. Never mind the football game, can we talk about the food for a sec? We don't throw a wild party or anything but we do manage to whip up a few appetizers and snacks to enjoy while watching the commercials. That being said, if I have to eat Rotel and Lil' Smokies (Justin's FAVORITE EVER...) I might lose it. I love you, but no.

Instead, how about these bourbon bacon meatballs or cheesy wonton quesadillas?! The kids might also get a kick out of chocolate covered strawberries that look like footballs. Either way, we need to up our snack game this year.


G has a Valentin's Day party at school and I've been scouring Pinterest for free printables to hand out to her little friends. These starburst ones are super cute. I really like these "hooked on you" and "smartie" valentines, too! There are a ton of options out there, we'll probably have a hard time picking just one!


I'm not a huge cook but I've made this copycat Mongolian Beef recipe a couple of times (and again last night) and really like it. It can get a tad salty because of all the soy sauce in it (a low-sodium option might be better?) but love the flavor. Super easy ingredient list, too, which is always a win in my book.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I have big plans to take naps and let Justin handle bedtimes before he leaves again on Monday! ;)


  1. SUPERBOWL FOOD IS LIFE. Seriously, it is my second favorite thing besides Thanksgiving each year (notice a trend?) and I think we should instate appetizers for dinner more often. :)

  2. ok wait...do you mix the Rotel WITH the smokies?! Thats crazy talk!! Also I did those Starburst valenties last year for Allison's class (yes she was only 4mo old at the time...just go with it) and they turned out super cute!

  3. My Mom will be here in two weeks (just for a long weekend) and it can.not.get.here.fast.enough. Mom time is THE BEST!