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Unintended blogging break, sorry about that!


This last week, the weather has been amaze-balls and we've spent every minute possible outside enjoying the warmth and sunshine. Seriously, last Sunday, Gracyn's little neighbor friends came to get her at 10 AM to play and we all grabbed lawn chairs and set up camp at the end of the street. We just sat there chatting and watching the kids run around. Some ordered pizza for lunch, right in the middle of the street basically. It was glorious.


I was off work on Monday and decided the kids and I needed to do something fun. We packed up a lunch and headed to the zoo. It was cloudy and a tad cooler than it had been the day before but we ended up seeing quite a few animals. I don't LOVE the Kansas City Zoo because it's really spread out and you walk A LOT but it was a good day. We made it all the way to Africa to see the chimpanzees and they were so active! We even saw the two little babies running and playing.


Instead of blogging in the evenings like I usually do, Justin and I have been bingeing on Breaking Bad. Again. We've seriously started this series 2 or 3 times and just never got into it. We finally committed and have been watching a few episodes after the kids go to bed. It's only 5 seasons so we should be done soon. What should we watch next?!


14 Weeks! Second Trimester! Yay!

We head back to the doctor on Monday to check on the little babe. Excited to hear a stronger/louder heartbeat and ask her to confirm I'm not having 5 babies because I feel way big which is terrifying considering I have a lonnnnng way to go.


Thinking ahead to Baby #3, my major goal is to get Leighton settled into a big girl bed before the baby is born. I'd like to have her potty trained and weaned from her paci, too but let's not get ahead of ourselves, right?! Big girl bed first!

I really want to paint our existing crib and give it a facelift for the new babe. I also have 2 dressers I want to paint as well. I know I have time but I feel like I need to get cracking on a few of these projects, especially figuring how to safely and effectively paint a crib that will be manhandled by all three kids. Leighton gnawed on the side rails when she was teething (I would literally find splinters of wood in bed with her!) so I'll need to some light sanding for sure.

Lullaby Paint seems to be the product of choice from the pins I've been seeing but I also want to give chalk paint a whirl. The crib is currently brown and I want to lighten it up a bit, either white or gray. Lots of crafts and DIY in my future. I love it!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. zoo days are always fun when the weather is nice like that!!

  2. It's always fun to freshen up some old furniture! Can't wait to see what you do! And here's my advice on potty training: WAIT! Don't get me wrong, it was nice having a few diaper-free months, but it seemed like every time I started breastfeeding or got hooked up to my stupid pump, Holden would have to go potty. And he still needs help every. single. time. It was horrible. There were a few times when I refused to unlatch Rhett (because ow!) so I asked Brantley to help Holden. Well, that just ended with pee all over the floor and walls of the bathroom. Convinced yet? ;)

  3. Glad you got to enjoy the Spring weather tease with outside activities! BTW, you look beautiful (always) but at 14 weeks, you're 'glowing'! (It's a real thing!) <3