Be My Valentine

Target and their $5 crafts come to the rescue! Again! I'm a big fan of picking these up every once in awhile to have in my back pocket should I need a distraction from all the fighting or a reason to turn off the TV.... ;) 

They're so easy to throw together and Gracyn takes stickers very seriously. Before we knew it, we were all sorts of festive up in here!

We got the first banner done, hung it on the mantel and decided it was missing something. We have approximately 1 million pom poms floating around the house (get your own here! join the party! they're not annoying at all! juuuust kidding. we love them.) so I sent the girls on a mission to find me all of the red, pink and white ones so we could make our own DIY pom pom garland. 

Now, I assure you, you don't need a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this yet here I am. Super easy. Because of said 1 million pom poms and a cheap sewing kit, we had everything on hand to make this really quick.

Mission accomplished! Plenty of festive poms to go around! I simply threaded a needle and and stabbed through the middle of each pom pom to string them on the line in whatever haphazard order Gracyn told me to do. She was in charge. It almost drove me crazy not putting them in a pattern but in the end, I kind of like the randomness!

Cute, right? This is the extent of our Valentine's Day decorations so I'm feeling pretty good about life so far. Next up, figuring out Valentines and a cute snack idea for next week's school party!

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  1. Cute ... Love the randomness too and the girls will enjoy it al the more because G was in charge!