Yay for Friday... and FALL!

It's September! Everyone is about to get all basic, myself included, and I couldn't be more excited.


Let's just all agree that September is the best month of the year. Cooler weather, football and my birthday. All great things worth celebrating, yes? YES!


This girl's hair. It came out of nowhere and now it's in her eyes, hanging over her ears and severely borderlining on mullet-status. I don't dare cut it so I think we'll just have to endure the awkward phase for a bit longer... She sure is cute, though.


This is basically my life...

Am I the only one who finds it impossible to NOT swear in front of your kids? I mean, I try really hard to watch my words but sometimes I just can't help it. It shows, too. A few weeks ago, G was helping me in the kitchen and I dropped some butter in the sink. I, personally, did not swear when it happened. My three-year old on the other hand, apparently has the mouth of a sailor. She asked what happened and when I told her I accidentally dropped butter in the sink she goes, "aw man! it's all fucked up!"


At least she used it correctly??!?? #momfail


Poor cellphone quality picture but this fun little chair arrived and I'm loving how it looks in the basement! It just adds a little flare to the room. Or something like that.. ;)


It's happening, the sunflowers are blooming! We're going to venture out to Grinter Farms at some point this weekend, along with every other soul in the metro area. Traffic will be bananas I'm sure but there really is nothing like seeing 1 million sunflowers blooming in a field. It doesn't get more Kansas than that, folks.

Have the happiest holiday weekend!


  1. omg the swearing thing...seriously my life too. Props to Gracyn for using it correctly...it probably was all F'd up after that :) Jack has been dropping Fbombs lately while he's paying with his toys...just part of his little make believe world I guess. My husband just points at me and shakes his head because yes..it is my fault. It it SO HARD not too....I just never realized how much I did until I had kids...they bring out the best in us ;)
    Oh and I love the month of October for all the same reasons you love September...hooray for fall birthdays! and football!

  2. Aw yes, the child picking up the adult words ... and baby girl!! She's growing up way too fast! <3

  3. Laughing out loud about the butter incident! You don't want to laugh in the moment, but you also totally do!!! Brantley was playing iPad earlier this summer and said "Oh shit!" Of course, we told him he can't say that, but only AFTER we got it on video! Worst. parents. ever. (Or maybe the best?!) We went to see the sunflowers last year! You're right, there's nothing more Kansas about it!

  4. That quote about swearing is priceless. Love it!