Leighton :: 21 Months

Age: 21 months old!

Stats: totally guessing because we haven't weighed or measured her lately. I would bet she's only a couple pounds lighter than Gracyn - maybe 30 or 32 pounds? And somewhere between 30 and 36 inches. So precise, I know...

Clothes: she is wearing anything from 18 months to 3T. Second child problems, I tell ya. Hand-me-downs galore. Most of the stuff in her drawers are 2T, though. We will have to get her a new winter coat since we don't have one that currently fits her properly. And, she's reusing Gracyn's winter boots from LAST YEAR. One pair is size 8 and one is a size 9. #widefoot

Should I just get used to the fact that they can basically just share clothes now? Actually, that wouldn't be half bad - I could buy one wardrobe and they can just split it!

Favorite Foods: she l o v e s craisins. Like, hoards them in her cheeks and stuffs them in as fast as she can. If you saw her eating craisins, you'd think we never fed her because she's so ravenous. For Leighton - craisins equal life.

She also enjoys cereal with milk, yogurt, granola bars - basically all breakfast foods - and candy {we have to hide it... and she rages when you tell her "no more candy..."}.

She's kind of slowed her roll when it comes to eating; sometimes she'll clean her plate and other times she'll maybe just take a bite here and there and call it good.  She's still loves milk and will fight you for juice if she sees you drinking it.

Favorite Toys: still very into anything Gracyn has... it's fun when they fight over the same tiny toy #saidnomomever. Really, I think she just wants to play with Gracyn but big sis has other ideas. We have this Little People dollhouse that Gracyn is quite possessive over but Leighton is always trying to play with it. She'll play with her barn every once in a while, too. She loves to read books and will bring you one after another from the playroom.

Words: she's talking {or trying to talk} so much these days! Mostly one word at a time, but every once in a while she'll string two words together. Newish words include swimming (ming-ming), funny (munny) or "that's funny!" (which sounds more like "da munny?" like she's asking you a question), elbow, knee and nose (noooo). She's also finally mastered some animal sounds! Her cow, horse, dog, cat and pig are perfection.

We love our Lei-lei something fierce. She's still rather feisty but she has so much personality I can't even handle it. She's growing up too fast - I just spent a half hour reading old posts like her birth announcement and birth story. All the tears. So lucky I get to be her mama.

Both girls at 21-ish months. Twinnnnnnns.


  1. I laughed so hard at "she hoards them in her cheeks" hahah. Girlfriend loves some craisins!

  2. Love this little one! Your description of her eating craisins is so perfect! I've never seen a child go fist full from bag to mouth so fast! So funny! Love your photos of her ... she's loosing that baby look Mama ... two year old approaching!

  3. Sweet Lei lei, what a great, great niece you are!!!