#HomeByOakley Home Tour | Family Room

Welcome to the first stop on the new home tour! I feel like this room is as good as it's gonna get for the time being so I figured I'd snap a few pictures and show it off. We spend the majority of our time in our main-floor family room so it was the first room I really wanted to "finish" after moving in. I'm still on the hunt for a few lamps (floor and/or table) for the side chairs and someday I'd like to get a new coffee table but I really love how it turned out. 

In case you missed it, here was my "inspiration" for this room. And, before we get to the nice photos, here is what the space typically looks like on any given day, lest you think I live in some sort of parallel universe where my house is spotless 24/7...

Child sprawled out on the couch, shoes and articles of clothing littering the floor, toys everywhere. I actually cleaned last weekend and decided to take pictures to remember how wonderful everything looked. It lasted approximately 27 minutes until Leighton woke up from her nap, but still. It was nice!

The couch, sofa back table and recliner came from Nebraska Furniture Mart, the blueish gray wing back chairs are from Ikea and the area rug is from Amazon, of all places. After ordering (and returning) this one from Rugs USA, I found another one on the site that ended up being about $100 cheaper on Amazon! It's not the highest-quality rug but with the kids and dog, I didn't want to spend a bunch of cash knowing it gets a lot of traffic. Once the kids are grown and the dog is no more, I'll maybe splurge when it's time for a new one.

The sofa back table might be my favorite because it comes from Jojo herself and I basically want to be adopted by the Gaines family. I mean, who doesn't, right?!

We already had the media cabinet, which we purchased a few years ago from one of my favorite little antique shops here in town. We kept our old coffee table here for the time being, brought down an end table from Leighton's room and I picked up another small end table from Revival Home Furnishings, which is another decent consignment store in Overland Park. The stuff on the walls were all things we had in our old home!

For a reference, in the first picture here, I'm standing by the kitchen island. The playroom and front door are to the right, the dining nook and back door is to my left.

couch (similar) // wing back chairs // recliner // sofa back table

I found this cutting board slash serving platter slash decorative tray at Goodwill. It cleaned up a little with some lemon oil. The tiny mason jar lamp in the corner is from my mom, which I'm pretty sure she made. She's crafty like that. And I'm a sucker for a decorative book stack. Justin might say I have a problem...

Pillow covers! I've been on a pillow cover buying frenzy the last few weeks, all from Amazon! Two of these, this one and this one for the family room. I also ordered a few gray/gray striped ones for the basement. Oh, and a pack of these pillow cushions to fill up said pillow covers.

It's a cozy little room and it definitely feels like home so I'm happy with it! House payments start back up this month (oofta...) so I'll need to really scale back my spending but I'm excited about the progress we've made so far!


  1. REALLY looks homey and nice. You've done a great job!!!

  2. Beautiful! Looks warm and inviting!

  3. It all looks so great! And we basically have the same house layout, except I like how you decorated way better!

  4. Please come do mine - pretty please

  5. I'm impressed with how you have settled in. It looks fabulous!