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This post is sponsored by Groupon. All opinions are my own, along with my love of saving money.. ;) #Groupon #ad

I don't know about you, but we're on a budget. I mean, hellooooo new house, new furniture and a slight addiction to online shopping.

Our budget isn't super strict in the sense that we account for every single penny but I'm highly aware of what we spend and how much is in our bank account at any given time. I write down our bills on a piece of paper every month and then cross them off the list as they're drafted out of our account. I'm a freak, I know, but it helps me keep track of what's been paid, what's coming due, and what's left over. And who doesn't like scratching things off a list, to-do or otherwise??

Any money left over after the bills have been paid is our "fun money." A lot of the times we're smart and throw a little bit into savings but other times we feel like it's time to do something special or fun - whether it be a {rare} date night for just the two of us or a family outing.

One of our go-to sources to actually find activities is Groupon Things To Do. There are always so many great offers from local companies and we can be guaranteed to find something unique or that we've never done before. Paint while drinking wine? Yes. Gymnastic classes for the kids? They'd love that! Pottery classes? I feel a moment from Ghost coming on..

P.S. These photos are oldies (but goodies!) taken during a painting class - purchased from Groupon - back when the Walden filter basically equaled life. #amateurphotographyskills ;)

Romance or not - and most likely not because I don't think I could convince Justin to take a pottery class... lol! - we love that we can use Groupon Things To Do to get out of the house and experience some of these fun activities while saving money, which is the most important factor.

Speaking of saving money and budget-talks, while I'm not a complete stickler it should be known that I'm a little cheap when it comes to my extra spending cash. Like just the other day, I was annoyed when J brought home $8.99 mums from the hardware store when I had seen similar sized plants at the grocery store for only $5! I mean, that just makes no sense! He thought I was a crazy person but we could have saved, like, 12 bucks! It adds up over time so if I can find a deal, I'm going to take it and save some moolah. Groupon Things To Do helps us accomplish just that. Even though I kept the more expensive plants...

Check out your local Groupon Things To Do site to find your next adventure!

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  1. Groupon for the win!! We've done a local Segway Tour, wine tasting, and dance lessons--all thanks to Groupon!