Friday Randoms

Jumping right in...


I meant to throw a Labor Day recap post together like a good little blogger but I'm tired, ya'll. Instead, you get this poor quality collage put together on my iPhone! Sunflowers, cousins, family pictures, good ass beer, more cousin time and one last summer swim before the pool closed. It was a good, good weekend.


Speaking of family pictures.....

Eeeeeee! Becca did such an amazing job wrangling all 11 of us, grumpy kids included! She put up this sneak peek the other night on her Facebook page and I'm dying to see the rest. If you're local to KC, check her out for your photo needs!


I scored this shirt from Ampersand Design Studio after they posted on IG that they were running a quick 50% off sale. It's so soft and wonderful. Now, if we could manage to make it to a Royals game before the season is over...


For real, though, WHAT am I supposed to do with all the stuff Gracyn brings home from preschool!?! Save everything? Will she hate me later in life if she knows I tossed the piece of paper that contained scribbles?! It's only been like, 2 weeks and I have a stack of papers sitting on the counter.


I have quite the Netflix queue running and zero time to watch anything. First world probs. I started OITNB awhile ago but I'm only half way through season one. Err'body talkin' about Stranger Things and the Gilmore Girls reboot, which means I should probably watch the original Gilmore Girls series, right? I'm a big Shonda fan and should probably watch How To Get Away With Murder, too. So many shows, so little time!

Have a great weekend!


  1. It was a great weekend; you & Justin were gracious hosts! Have you seen your school stuff that was saved? No? Hmmm... suggest saving something she's actually created, and a sample of her name in her handwriting. Display some for a bit and rotate out with new. Get some rest! :)

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast
    Chelsea @

  3. My system for all of the mediocre art (am I a bad mom for calling it that?!?) is to put it on a shelf for 1-2 weeks. Is she doesn't ask about it, it goes in the trash--in the garage so she doesn't find it! But of course I save all of the really good stuff! ;) Your family pictures turned out great and I love that baseball tee!!!

  4. I'm pretty non-sentimental when it comes to preschool artwork, so yep, it all goes in the trash! Okay, I might save a thing or two, but the rest of not at all worth saving! That KC tee is adorable!