Happy Friday! A quick five for you today as we have big weekend plans, people...


Justin jetted off for a guys-only weekend in Minneapolis so it's just the girls and me holding down the fort this weekend. My bestie and her little girl are coming in from Omaha to spend the weekend with us. They haven't seen our new casa yet and I'm so excited to have them here! The girls run around like crazy and love playing together. It's just the best.


I took today off work so we're heading out to Deanna Rose once Leighton wakes up. Seriously, that girl has mad skills at sleeping in. Not that I'm complaining! It's 9:52 am and she's still not up...

It's a cool, crisp 58 degrees there this morning which just screams FALL! Finally! Can't wait to see some animals and spend some time outdoors today.


We're also thinking of hitting up one of the local pumpkin patches tomorrow. There are several around the KC area so I'm sure we'll have our options. I'm also sure they'll be busy with other families enjoying the fall festivities but Gracyn loved it last year so I'm excited to take them again.


My new favorite coffee creamer... I didn't even have to add the gallon of sugar I normally do! Yummy.


Momiform on point, yo. I ordered this shirt from Old Navy and I was hesitant - flannel, black & white. But I love it! You can expect to see me wearing it every day from here on out....

shirt // pants (similar) // shoes


Gracyn's first official school picture!!!!!! I'm dead. So adorable...

Have a great weekend, friends!



  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend for you and your girls! Love your new shirt from Old Navy - and Gracyn's school picture is so darling!

  2. what a beautiful school pic. That creamer looks sooo good and yay for a 9:52 sleep in!!!!!

  3. What?! 9:52?! ughhhh so jealous. How funny that your husband is off to Minneapolis this weekend...mine is headed there next weekend to see friends!

  4. That school picture is SOOO cute!! Happy Friday!

  5. Sounds like a good weekend plan - love the fall look and G in her daddy's tie! She's too little to have a school pic already, but it shows her sweetness! LOVE!