Flower Power

We ventured out to Grinter Farms on Saturday morning to take in the beautiful sunflowers. Justin and I took the girls last year at the very end of their peak blooming period so I wanted to make sure we went a little earlier this year. The weather was gorgeous and flowers did not disappoint.

My dad, who grew up in central Kansas, was surprised (shocked, maybe?!) to learn "seeing sunflowers" was a thing. It does seem a little silly to drive 45 minutes (or even HOURS like some people..) to see a farmer's field but they're just sooooo pretty!

There were so many visitors on Monday that the county sheriff told Grinter Farms to shut it down because there was so much traffic they couldn't manage it safely. How crazy is that?! It's so incredibly generous of the farmer and his family to open their land to the public so I can only hope that everyone who visited was respectful and truly appreciated their efforts.

Gracyn loved seeing the flowers and the small hike up one of the hills proved to be worth it. It got us away from the crowds a little bit and we were surrounded by blooming sunflowers as far as the eye could see!


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous!! This place is a must-see if you're in or around KC!

  2. It's amazing what people find trendy ... fun to see!

  3. Kansas truly is the Sunflower State!