Did you know you can go up to the tippy-top of the tower at Liberty Memorial?! I didn't! This shot is a panoramic view of Kansas City from the top. It was such a cool vantage point.

I had the best birthday weekend full of family and Kansas City things. I didn't want the weekend to end. We headed to the Plaza Art Fair on Saturday morning and had breakfast at Classic Cup Cafe. We walked around the plaza for a bit before realizing it was hot as balls and headed back home. Not before a stop at IT'SUGAR, though. Gracyn wanted a sucker and I am the most immature 31-year-old ever and wanted some candy of my own.

My parents ended up coming down for the weekend and offered to watch the girls on Sunday (my actual birthday) so Justin and I could get out for a bit. We've lived here over 8 years and had never been to the World War I Museum, I had actually never truly been to Liberty Memorial, either, so that was our first stop!

It was kind of sprinkling and a little breezy overlooking the KC skyline but we still enjoyed it! And a ride to the very top of the tower is included with museum admission so that was fun. The museum is really wonderful and we could  have spent way more time there. So much to read and look at. We'll definitely be back.

All of my streetcar dreams came true after visiting the museum. We took the streetcar to Power & Light for a late lunch and to watch the Chiefs game. We unfortunately had a less-than-stellar meal at BRGR Kitchen + Bar. The appetizer and drinks were good but my burger came out undercooked. Twice. And by undercooked I mean still raw in the middle. No bueno. We obviously didn't pay for my meal and and the manager gave us a free round of beers so that was nice but I was still disappointed.

After lunch, we took the streetcar back to 19th & Main to walk around for a bit. There were a few murals that I wanted to try and find. Justin thought I was strange for wanting to take pictures by random walls but he humored me.. ;)

Kansas City I'm So In Love and the pink wings are outside the Fortuity KC store (17th and Baltimore). It was everything I hoped for and more. Ha! There were no other people around so J took a few shots of me acting like a weirdo.

And wouldn't you know, we happened to walk right by Up Down and HAD to stop. I mean, a bar that has arcade games from the '80s and '90s!?! YES PLEASE. Also, on your birthday you get 40 free tokens so it was as amazing as it sounds. It might be my new favorite place.

Let the record show that I am Skee Ball champion and a Connect-Four wizard. 

But I totally suck at extra-large Jenga...

By 7pm we figured we best be getting home to our babies {and birthday cake} so we walked around the block and stopped by the #KCloves mural (19th & Main) before heading back to Union Station to get our car. 

We had a great time and vowed to get into the heart of our city more often. It's far too easy to stay out in the 'burbs but once in awhile I love to come in and explore the place we call home.

Here's to 31 - it's already off to a great start!


  1. So glad we could help you get some of your exploring done and I love the photos! Awesome murals which means there should be more! Enjoy your fall!

  2. Love that last picture! Sounds like such a fun day!

  3. What a fabulous birthday! I've never been to the top of Liberty Memorial but it's been on my to-do list for a couple of years now! You did so many great KC things! It's truly a great place to live!