Getting oily...

I had been going back and forth about getting into essential oils for a while now and finally bit the bullet and ordered my starter kit. I'm weirdly excited to get started on this oily journey and kind of feel like I joined a cult or something. Oils have been around for years but they seem a little more trendy these days. Err'body in da club gettin' oily.

I follow a few Instagram accounts dedicated to essential oils and all the ways you can use them in your daily life and decided to try them out! I know practically nothing so I'm starting at the very beginning and need to follow super-oilers to teach me the ropes.

I'm mostly intrigued to see if they'll help getting certain little people to sleep at night and everyone in the house sleeping better as a whole. Justin also has a history of stomach issues and I've heard EOs help with that too. 

My kit arrived yesterday and I immediately started diffusing lavender to help calm everyone down after dinner. Not sure if it helped or not but it did only take 2 hours to get Leighton down for the count as opposed to the 3.5 hours it took on Tuesday night...just sayin'.  #beginnersluck


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