Leighton :: One Month Old

One. Month.

It's been a whirlwind of a month, that's for sure! It went by so quickly but we're starting to get the hang of this whole "two-kids" business. This little lady has been the best addition to our family. Gracyn adores her, although I'm waiting for the novelty of a new baby to wear off one of these days. If Leighton starts crying, Gracyn will run over and try to soothe her by saying "I knooooow, I knoooow, ooooookaaaaaay..." She'll try to jam a pacifier into her mouth and tell me if she's awake or sleeping. And her number one thing is throwing away the dirty diapers. Such a good helper :)

Leighton is a pretty chill baby so far unless you are at our house between the hours of 6pm and 10 pm. Witching hour starts promptly and she's fussy and seems uncomfortable for a few hours each evening. We're hoping she outgrows it soon but we also know it could be a lot worse so we'll survive.

She grunts and snorts and sounds like a tiny dinosaur. She'll give us a 4-hour stretch of sleep at night every now and then but usually she's up every 3 hours to eat. She's starting to be more alert during the day and I swear she almost smiled at me yesterday. Getting so close! She loves to be held up so she can look around - probably keeping an eye on big sister. We're taking our first road trip this next weekend to head north to Sioux Falls to visit family so that should be an adventure as well.

Sweet Leighton, we love you more than you know. Thanks for joining our family. I already don't remember life without you.


  1. My oh my, how quickly a month goes. Glad she's doing so well and Gracyn too! I knew she'd be a good little helper. Can not wait to shower some love on both of them soon! Love you!

  2. aww she is SO cute! i love those stickers too... i can't wait for our baby girl to arrive so i can start taking monthly pics. xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a RapidLash giveaway on cornflake dreams