Leighton :: Newborn Pictures

A professional photographer I am not but here is my sad attempt to get a few good newborn pictures of the little miss. They were taken shortly after we got home from the hospital on two separate occasions because I wasn't thrilled with how the first batch turned out. All I wanted was one good one to use for her birth announcement (which I'm still waiting to get in the mail so I can actually send them out...) and after some heavy editing via some free websites, I decided the bottom one was "it".

Leighton was a trooper as I tried to position her into weird, contorted poses like the pros do it and even big sister had to get in on the action a little. Can't believe she's almost 4 weeks old already! Love her to pieces.


  1. Sweet baby girl ...need to snuggle with her soon. Love your photos, you did a nice job!

  2. That's one cute little girl in her birthday suit!