Bumpdate :: 26 Weeks

Baby Girl is the size of a head of lettuce. A half-eaten, half-wilted head of lettuce because that's all we had in the house tonight.

I have my glucose test tomorrow and based on the amount of ice cream and gummy worms I've consumed during the last 26 weeks I won't be surprised when they come back and tell me I'm diabetic and need to eat only leafy greens from here on out. Fingers crossed because I really like ice cream. And gummy worms.

Big Sister was being silly and offered up all sorts of emotions during our mini photo shoot. She got a new book about pumpkins and throughout the book each pumpkin makes a different face. Ever since we've started reading it, she's obsessed with making the same faces...

really surprised
Love her.

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  1. Funny little girl, love her expressions ... and YOU look marvelously beautiful, my dear! Have enjoyed your week bump updates.