Birthday + Blog + Bella

I turned 29 yesterday. Which is basically 30 but I'm not going to think about that, ok? It was a good day - I had to work, which was lame, but the day ended strong with a Moms Night Out event hosted by Kansas City Moms Blog at Bella Patina in the West Bottoms. My mama and cousin came with me and it was a fun night of shopping, eating, and pampering.

Most of these pics were on Instagram at one point or another yesterday so I apologize for the double dose but I feel like life isn't complete until I post them on the 'ol blog too.

birthday selfie with my girl(s)
yep. two.
good hubby.

I'm off work today and we're heading out to brave the crowds at IKEA. I have a list of things I need want and I might even hit up the cafe for some Swedish meatballs. Just sayin'.

Cheers to twenty-nine.

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  1. AH I NEED to come see you guys and then can we go to IKEA?!?! :)