Bumpdate :: 23 Weeks

The bump is back, baby! Did you miss it?

Didn't think so.

Life got busy and I didn't have a pomegranate in the house (21 weeks) and then we were in Sioux Falls for a wedding and I forgot to pick up a papaya on the way out of town (22 weeks).

So here we are, week 23 and in grapefruit territory...

My need to nest is in high gear. I feel like I have 47 projects going on at once and I can't finish any of them. The house is constantly dirty and when I actually have the energy to do something about it, the clean feeling lasts for .32 seconds and I'm back to feeling like everything is gross again.

On the plus side, baby girl is moving around more and more and I love it. She actually woke me up the other night during her dance party.  I'd take being awoken by that feeling over my nightly horrible leg cramps any day.

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  1. Yeah to the baby bump update! Love the photo of you and your girls too!