Big Girl Room

What did we do before Pinterest? I mean, seriously. I'm convinced no one's house was decorated and no one had any inspiration to do anything remotely crafty. Ever. Well, except for my mom. She's always been crafty.

Pinterest has been my saving grace when it comes to prepping nurseries, throwing parties, and now, transitioning my itty bitty baby girl into her "big girl" room.

I have been painting furniture, trim and walls for the last 4 weekends and I finally feel like I'm kinda-sorta close to putting it all together. My pinterest board for G's new room includes things that are light, bright, and feminine, but not too girly.

My goal is for the space to be able to grow with her over the next few years; it will also double as a guest room if and when we need it so I didn't want to go plastering Disney princesses across the walls either. Future guests, you're welcome.

Also, I've been secretly wanting to make a collage like this ever since I started blogging. Don't tell the biggercooler bloggers, though...

My p-inspiration:

(1) Jenny Lind bed
(2) Laura Ashley Quilt
(3) owl pillow
(4) throw pillow
(5) dresser
(6)  spice rack posing as a book shelf
(7) the perfect gallery wall
(8) vintage paper dolls
(9) custom art

You can find links to the original pins on my pinterest page. Once the room is completely done, I'll do another post (duh) on what we actually used.

I'm loving the style of the Jenny Lind bed from The Land of Nod but I would have a heart attack if I ever spent that much money on something my kid could potentially ruin so while we didn't get that particular bed, we did find one similar on good 'ol Craigslist. The Laura Ashley quilt is my favorite, and I've already made some custom art to hang on the walls.

I'm excited to see it all together. Hopefully I can pull it off and it doesn't look like a complete mess when I'm finished...


  1. Love love love your board and ideas! The room will look so Gracyn-like :) and was that an actual pinterest fail?!?! Hahaha

    1. Bahahaha Kels yes! I googled "Pinterest fail" and that was like the first image that came up. Haha! The person gets an "A" for effort though! ;)