DIY :: Spray Painting a Rocking Chair

Or in my case….

Prime. Spray paint. Paint with a brush. Spray paint again. Give up.

I've decided I'm no good with spray paint.

I was bored during Saturday's nap time and was meandering around the house looking for a project. I ventured into our dingy basement and found this rocking chair. It belonged to Justin's dad and after we moved him into assisted living, the chair came to live with us. In the hole. Where we never go. Our basement is in serious need of a little TLC but that's another day and another blog post.

I wiped the dirt and grime off the chair and decided to paint it. I knew I had a few cans of white spray paint out in the garage. And bonus! While I was digging through my "old paint" collection, I found a can of primer and went to town. Except it wasn't going so well.
I ran out of primer in approximately 3 minutes and only primed half the chair. Instead of going to the store to buy more primer, I just decided to "wing it" and move forward with layers of white paint instead.

Cue Pretty Woman reference. Big Mistake. Big. Huge. After going through 2 cans of spray paint, my chair looked like this:
Not cute. I had one can of spray paint left (...and don't ask me why I had so many cans of spray paint. I have no idea where they came from or why I was hoarding them in my garage) but I didn't want to waste it. So, I went back and found some old trim paint that we had used for our dining room makeover and decided to use it to paint the rest of the chair/fill in the spots where my spray painting abilities failed me.

I should mention that the old trim paint was a little dried out (or something?) and was thicker than it should have been. It was almost sticky. Yeah, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking. But I was already committed to the project and figured it couldn't hurt so I used it…
Ahhh.. not too shabby if I don't say so myself! It actually wasn't looking half bad after I coated it with the sticky paint. I went ahead and gave the chair a final coat with my remaining spray paint. You know, to even it out…. or something.

By this time, I was over it and the little lady was waking up from her siesta so I decided to call it a day. It was painted and it looked better than it did before I decided to half-ass this project and I call that a win!


  1. Hey - the end result was great, even if it was painful to get there!

  2. Your chair turn out so beautiful. I like spray painting. I have a paint sprayer for repainting all of my furniture.