Bumpdate :: 5 - 12 Weeks

Ah, yes. What's a Mommy Blog without pictures of a baby bump?!?

I don't think you can technically call yourself a mommy blogger until you chronicle the miracle that is growing a tiny human inside your person. Not that I call myself a "mommy blogger" or anything like that because I'm pretty sure you have to blog more often than once every 17 days and have an actual following. But, you get the idea.

I won't bore you with the details of how much weight I've gained (I've already stopped caring…) or what I'm craving on a weekly basis (ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream…) but I do plan on taking a picture every week. I took a picture every 5 weeks with Gracyn and it was so fun to go back afterwards and see the transformation and how much she was growing.

This time, I thought it'd be a hoot to include Gracyn in on the madness. You know, prepare her for being a big sister. Make her feel included and important. Yada, yada, yada. Justin is our profesh photographer and the minutes we spend taking these precious pictures has become his favorite time of the week. Not really. Cuz I'm a crazy person and Gracyn is always running around the room like a mad-woman trying to eat whatever food item is in her hand. But he's a good sport.

There are several pregnancy calendars out there that compare the size of your fetus to random fruits and/or vegetables from week to week. It starts out as a teeny, tiny appleseed and by week 40, you are carrying around something the size of a jackfruit. WTF is a jackfruit, anyway?

I'm using The Bump's week-by-week calendar as a point of reference since it seems like we have most of the items in the house on any given day, minus the jackfruit, obviously. But I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

I truly love the calendar put out by Pregnant Chicken. Amy is a genius and she's hilarious and I look forward to my weekly emails because I literally LOL every time. I wanted to use her calendar but she compares your fetus to things like a miniature ewok attacking a squirrel and footlong submarine sandwiches and I just don't have these things laying around the house, ya know what I mean? Check out her site even if you're not pregnant. She's great.

Anyway, back to my fetus. Without further adieu, weeks 5-12 for your baby bump enjoyment…you know you love it.
By 6 weeks, I wanted to trade in my regular pants for stretchy maternity leggings on a full-time basis which is completely normal, right? By week 8, Gracyn grasped the concept of a baby in my tum tum and now likes to randomly point to everyone's belly button and say "baby." By 12 weeks, I was bumpin' like whoa...

Second trimester, here we come.


  1. Great fun with the photos - you look marvelous! Daddy sure can get the smiles out of that little one so kudos to Justin! Love!

  2. So cute! And what a great way to get Gracyn involved! I can't wait to see your bump in person in two weeks! According to The Pregnant Chicken, #2 will be "the size of a delicious cupcake with sprinkles on top."

    We will probably need to get you a cupcake to celebrate that achievement.

  3. I actually had to google what a Jack fruit was since that's apparently the size of my baby in a few days. This was the best idea ever. And you look amazeballs! :) <3

    1. The pictures you are sending me of jack fruits are cracking me up. Seriously so funny. Hang in there friend- your little jackfruit will be adorable I just know it!

  4. I love the pictures!!! So excited for you guys!!

  5. What a great collection of photos! Great idea!