Bumpdate :: 14 Weeks

Week 14 has been good to me. My parents were here babysitting Gracyn for a few days, we had quality family time this past weekend, and I've decided wearing black - and only black - makes me look feel not-so-large. You can find me wearing black from now until Week 40.

And happy 17 MONTHS to this little love. She celebrated by protesting bedtime. Bedtime has been a breeze these last few months. We would read a story and then she'd be ready to lay in her crib and fall asleep on her own. Tonight? Not so much. She might be teething but she was too pissed at me for trying to put her to bed that I didn't dare stick my finger in her mouth to check. It seems early to be getting her second molars but I think that might be the norm for her. She had her first molars before her 1st birthday so maybe she's just ahead of the game when it comes to sprouting chompers. We'll see.

Teething or not, she is the best little girl. We love her. And I cannot believe she's 17 months old...

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  1. Maybe it's her way of wondering where Papa and Nana have gone! She probably thought we'd moved in for good. Hugs and kisses to all and love the fruit progress in your blog. Love!