sunday funday.

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and so far it's rained at least once every day which means my big, extravagant plans that included reading a book on the back deck and sitting in the sun during nap time have been spoiled. 


This morning the sun came out for a bit and it warmed up enough to bust out the kiddie pool. The original plan was to fill up the pool and wait for the water to warm up a little bit. Gracyn couldn't wait and jumped right in despite the cold water. She was splashing and shivering at the same time but she loved it.

We had lunch outside on the driveway and played until nap time. Girlfriend took a 3.5 hour nap (holla!) and mama got to read in the sun until the thunderstorms rolled in. Even daddy got a little siesta. Not a bad Sunday if you ask me.

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  1. She's too cute and it looks like she had the BEST time!