Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I've been slacking at this blogging thing a little bit but we've been a little busy 'round these parts. The workweek seems to fly by (and inch along at the same time…if that even makes sense...) and at the end of the day I'm just plain tired so instead of blogging I've been laying in bed watching TV. My life is so awesome...


But hold the phone! Maybe I'm not such a loser after all because my blog - my little, teeny, tiny blog that has hardly any loyal followers except those related to me by blood and a few close friends - was featured on last week! Cue minor major freak out. Aaaaand I'm the lamest person ever to have not even known about it until last night. Here's the link. If you click through, we're the second one! I noticed traffic to my blog coming from and clicked the link to check it out. My (Five on Friday) post about our trip to Minneapolis was featured! So cool to be one of the featured bloggers- thank you, for including me!


I've come down to earth since finding that link last night (I'm positive this isn't even that big of a deal since tons of other bigger, better blogs are featured every day) but I still couldn't help but feel happy/good/proud/very, very surprised that in the vast sea of mommy blogs available on the interwebs, a site like felt compelled to share our little story. I'm not even sure how they came across our corner of the web but I guess that's the beauty of the internet/blogging world. There are so many of us - anyone can start a blog (and you should!) - but once we all start connecting it feels like a small community. 


Ok, enough about that. This weekend were traveling to Lincoln, Nebraska to visit my best best friends from college and I. Can. Not. Wait. We don't see each other nearly as often as we should and I can't wait to squeeze these girls' necks!
circa 2009

We are heading to Lincoln to have a baby shower for my bestie, Kelsi. She blogs too - check it out. She's due with a precious little girl in just 6 weeks and we cannot wait to meet her!


Mother's Day is Sunday. No big plans here but I'll be spending it loving on this gorgeous girl. I'm so thankful that she made me a mama.

She's da best.

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  1. Love the five - love the photos!

  2. So awesome about the feature!! You're legit! Even if I'm related so I'm not a real follower :)