We had a lovely weekend at Little Chateau in Eureka Springs, AR. We spent the days walking around downtown and exploring other touristy destinations and spent the nights drinking wine. A little too much wine on my part but let's not dwell on that, shall we? Let's just say there is a reason I can't don't drink heavily very often these days. The next day is not pretty.

We went south with our dear and friends Alyssa (my cousin) and Brian (Justin's BFF) and stayed at the cutest little cottage run by our friend Rodney (Justin's other BFF). Downtown Eureka Springs is filled with sweet shops and restaurants. The weather was cool but not too cold and the sun was shining bright. On Saturday afternoon, we hit up a large cat refuge where we saw lions and tigers. Bears were thrown in for good measure, too. We explored a cave which sounds cool in theory but with a 22-pound toddler strapped to your person, it wasn't the greatest experience of my life thus far. Gracyn didn't love being underground where she wasn't able to run wild and she was only happy if I was carrying her so by the end of the hour-long tour we were both sweaty and tired. Still, we had a great weekend and memories were made and I guess that's all that matters, right? Right!


  1. Ah how fun! The cat pics are awesome :) and lil G's eyes are so gorgeous---sooooo excited to see you guys!!!

  2. Great photos! Especially like the one's of G. and that one of her walking next to her stroller ? - she's so tiny! Sounds like you had a well deserved break!