DIY :: Dining Room Do-Over Part II

Finally....some "after" pics of our dining room makeover! The room still feels a little bare but accessorizing and getting a few more things hung up will come with time I'm sure. You can find Part I here in case you need to re-cap what this room looked like before we shed the red.

So much better, right?! It was cloudy and snowing (Seriously. It was snowing today. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and today it snowed. Ew.) today and the room still looked this bright and cheery. It makes me happy.

Here's a run down of what we did:

  • painted baseboards & trim
  • painted walls (Behr Pewter Gray)
  • new light fixture
  • new curtains
  • new outlets, light switches and covers
  • moved some furniture around and {finally} added some family photos

I'm not 100% sure if I'll keep the ladder shelf in the room or not. There definitely needs something to be in that space but it can't be too big. If I decide to keep it there, I think I'm going to paint it. Stay tuned.

We're looking for something to go in the corner by the mirror, too. This is the part of the room that feels bare. Not sure why but it just needs something. I'm thinking a beverage cart like this one but cheaper. Way cheaper.  

So far I'm really happy with how the room turned out. So much better than the red. We don't use this room very often but we pass by it or walk through it multiple times a day. It makes a huge difference and we didn't break the bank sprucing it up, which is a plus.

On to the next project! One of the pulls fell off the kitchen cabinet tonight so maybe that's next? We'll see!


  1. Wow, what a difference! I like the brighter dining room changes. Well done!

  2. I love your dining room! It makes me happy too, good job! P.S that beverage cart was just on sale for $84 at the Target by me! It would look perfect there :)